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What might happen if we believed we’re here to share the fruits of our planet through a collective labor of love, one that began with a practice that enabled us to first love our Selves and then each other?

The good news is that such a practice already exists and can be expressed in just two words: Be You.

There’s the “being you” that everyone wants you to be and the “you” that you’re already born with. In The How to Be You Handbook, author Tisa Mendoza, a survivor of gang rape at fifteen, bulimia, and low self-esteem, reveals the truth about who you are. She shares how she transformed years of self-loathing in to self-love and self-acceptance and how you can, too. Mendoza gives you practical advice on how to think, speak, and live from your power and strength just by being you. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others and faking a happy face, The How to Be You Handbook can help you release self-doubt, so you can live the life you deserve!


Excerpt from The Quest for Who I Really Am Begins

Loving your Self is a process. We never go through life thinking we need to get to know ourselves more deeply, in fact, we are mostly taught that we need to make ourselves better. It’s in our media, on our playgrounds, in our own homes–this perpetuating message that we are not enough. We are not told that we are worthy and deserving. We are taught to search for love from someone else, rather than give it to ourselves first. So I’m telling you, I’m reminding you that the only kind of love that matters is having unconditional love toward your Self. And the sooner that you believe that it is your birthright to be, do, and have all that you desire, the better everyone’s life experience will be too.

Excerpt from Thinking Be You

Your Body is a Miracle

Thinking Be You is about Self-acceptance. This includes accepting your Self from your head to your toes, the body you were born with, as it exists today. If, in the past, you’ve looked in the mirror and pointed out your flaws, wished for eyes or hair of a different color, for fuller breasts, or, if you’re a guy, for a more “masculine” physique, it’s time to stop these thoughts. Accepting your body does not mean you have to like what you see in the mirror, only that you are no longer going to permit thoughts about it that limit your being.

Here’s an exercise for achieving this: Look at your Self in the mirror without judgment. The minute you begin to judge yourself, stop. This is a powerful technique which I’ve used myself.  I used to look in the mirror constantly, hate the nose I saw, and become flooded with thoughts about surgery to make it pointier. Same with my boobs, which needed to be bigger.  It was a relief to stop thinking about how I could fix all these flaws and just look at my Self, thinking nothing. With practice, I learned how to shut down judging thoughts as they came up, and you will too.

Excerpt from Speaking Be You

Saying I am asserts your being and makes you present in the world. You can say, I am a student, I am happy, I am sad. Saying I am states your truth and creates a direct connection between your Self and others. It also leads to knowing Who I am and Who I can be.

This sounds simple, I know.  But think how often we counter our truth with limiting words, like the three-letter word, not. Imagine saying: I’m not . . . I can’t . . . I haven’t . . . I don’t . . .

What just happened? You cut your Self off at the knees is what happened.  You defined your Self as lacking instead of as a powerful, abundant, creative, and loving human being with a full set of feelings and capabilities.

So, here’s the practice: Speak from your power source I am and, when you do, try using the tool of removing words of scarcity from your vocabulary. It doesn’t always make grammatical sense to do so, but bearing this in mind, do it as often as you can. These words include not and all its variations, especially don’t, haven’t, won’t and can’t.

Excerpt from Living Be You

Living Be You in your physical body will allow you to stop desperately trying to fix your Self through diets and exercise. Now you will eat and work out because you want to take care of your Self. You’ll exercise for the joy of being active and will enjoy what you eat, guilt-free. You’ll indulge in decadence and feel good, in control of what you consume while making overall healthy choices for your body.

You will notice greater inner peace as you live Be You. By eliminating negative, self-limiting thought-forms, all that will be left is to create and manifest the life you desire, while making deeper connections in your relationships.

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